Stevenson University is redefining and reinventing its Spectrum magazine which featured art and literature.
The online magazine will encompass literary writing including poems, fiction, creative nonfiction, reviews, and experimental cross-genre texts. It also will include photography and video essays and mixed text/image pieces.
The concept overall is for the magazine to be solid-looking and well-organized while also catching an emphatic sense of innovation and edge and motion. Audience is Stevenson students, faculty, and staff plus outside audience of college-educated readers interested in contemporary literature and visual art including video/film. 
The English Department should capitalize on its available web space and make it a richer asset for Majors and Minors, for recruiting, and for the University community.     

Salt not only preserves, but also gives something extra.
It adds flavor and life to everything it comes into contact with.
No matter how small or how big, everyone can add a little
something extra to bring this literary journal to life.


Ampersand is all about the “and” when it comes to
the parts of the journal. It’s art and literature and
moving images and photography and...; not so
much one or the other.

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